Under-floor radiant heat is excellent for homeowners that want to take advantage of the clean, even heat of a radiant heat technique, but with no the additional price and labor of replacing your whole floors.

Below-floor radiant heat systems are installed underneath the current sub floor in between the floor joists. This type of installation is not as responsive as the aluminum base technique but is more responsive than the thermal mass strategy.

Below-floor radiant heat demands to heat the wood sub-floor and floor covering above so it can radiate heat into your property. This makes it the most unobtrusive radiant heat to install in an current property. It will not add any additional floor height or disrupt your existing floor coverings.


Below Sub-Floor Staple-Up With PexPlate Heat Transfer Plates

These systems use our thin aluminum heat transfer plates that are stapled up with radiant heat tubing beneath your subfloor. The plates are extremely conductive and supply a big surface region that will absorb heat a lot more swiftly and keep it warm considerably longer. Making use of heat transfer plates will disburse heat more evenly throughout the floor than the other below-floor methods.

Employing narrow plates is easier for control and installation, we recommend running two rows in between every floor joist. So if you have a 12' run between floor joists, then you need about 24' of plates for one row

Installation is easy, just snap the plate around the tubing and fasten them with staples to the underside of the sub-floor.


Above Sub-Floor With PexPlate Heat Transfer Plates

This system type requires a notched subloor system. Our PexPlates are laid into the notches and your 1/2" pex heating tubing pushe into place on top of our plates.

Now you simply lay your finished tile, wood, laminate, or cork floor over the tubing. *A heat temperature gun should be used from above pointed at the floor to regulate the temperature (excessive heat on certain floor types should be researched).



Who We Are

 We only fabricate one item, Radiant Heat Transfer Plates used for radiant heat installations. We are a family owned and operated business. By fabricating only one product, we have the ability to manage stock and simplify our operations.

We have experienced the radiant heat installations ourselves as well by installing it in our own homes. See more installation tips on our installation page for photos and videos.

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further questions.


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Length = 14" Inches Each

Width = 5" Inches

Gauge = 0.0092

Pex Size = 1/2"

Material = Aluminum

* 16" On Center There is Enough Room For Two plates wide for your loop.

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