To get the most of your radiant heat installation, we recommend using PexPlates for a few main reasons:

1) They secure the tubing in place - Whether its a staple up or installed in wood-subfloor tracks, our pex plates will keep your pex tubing secure and increasing your BTUs at the same time.

2) Keep the heat up - Heat rises, but it also falls. PexPlates reflect and absorb the heat so it radiates better above the floor instead of heating the rooms below.

3) More BTUs - Aluminum is a conductor of heat, and the heavier the metal, the poorer it is. Most commercial plates you will see on the market are thick and made of steel. Below is a list of metals and their thermal conductivity:

Thermal conductivity in W/mK 

Silver 429 
Copper 401 
Gold 310 
Aluminum 250 (OURS)
Beryllium 218 
Magnesium 156 
Zinc Zn 116 
Brass 109 
Nickel 91 
Iron 80 
Platinum 70 
Tin Sn 67 
Steel 46 
Lead 35 
Antimony 18.5 
Stainless Steel 16 
Mercury 8

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